Adella Calcutta Porcelain Tile

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adella calcutta tile


Adella Calcutta Porcelain Tile

Available in one size. This tile can be used on residential walls, floors and in light use in commercial floors and walls.

Style: Stone

Product Color White 

Tile Type: Glazed

Available SIzes

18″ x 18″ Tile – USANADECAL1818

Height: n/a


Box Count: n/a

Pallet Count: n/a

PEI Rating N/A

1. No Foot Traffic Wall use only in either commercial or residential use. Not meant for loads. may be used in shower surrounds too.

2. Light Trafic; rated for light traffic that you may find in residential bathrooms or closets.

3 Light to Moderate Traffic; can be used for walls, counter tops, and floors that receive normal foot traffic. Not rated for commercial use but overall a good general tile for most residential uses.

4. Moderate to Heavy Traffic; This rating will include all residential uses and extends to medium commercial use such as offices. This tile may be incorporated into light institutional use as well.

5. Extra Heavy Duty traffic; Includes all residential traffic. Heavy commercial use and institutional use. This type of tile generally is built for its performance rating and not its aesthetic value. Therefore finding attractive or designer styled tile in this PEI rating will be very limited.