Gray Porcelain Tile

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Gray Porcelain Tile

Part of the Veneto Collection, this beautiful colored gray large format tile comes in multiple sizes.  This floor tile can be used in both commercial and residential projects. The Gray Porcelain Tile is great for residential designer floors, walls, commercial accent walls.


Series Name: Gray Porcelain Tile

Style: Stone

Product Color: Gray

Tile Type: Glazed, Matte

PEI Rating 3

Available SIzes

12″ x 24″ USANVENEGRA1224 Matte
16″ x 32″ USANVENEGRA1632 Matte
6″ x 24″ USANVENEGRA6X24 Matte
3″ x 24″ USANVENEGRA3X24BN Matte

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