Ostrich Grey Quartzite Tile

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Ostrich Grey Quartzite Tile

Part of the Ostrich Grey Quartzite Tile Collection, one of the natural stone that displays rich gray and mesmerizing veins all over the backdrop . Ostrich Grey Quartzite Tile is a sleek collection with mosaic and slabs recommended for commercial and residential uses gorgeously on floors, and walls.

Series Name: Ostrich Grey Quartzite Tile

Style: Quartzite

Product Color: Gray

Tile Type: Honed, Gauged, Polished

Available SIzes

12″X12″ USASOSTGREY1212G-C Gauged
12″X12″ USASOSTGREY1212HG Honed
12″X12″ USASOSTGREY1212P Polished
16″X16″ USASOSTGREY1616G-C Gauged
16″X16″ USASOSTGREY1616HG Honed
16″X16″ USASOSTGREY1616P Polished
12″X24″ USASOSTGREY1224G Gauged
12″X24″ USASOSTGREY1224H Honed
24″x24″ USASOSTGREY2424G Gauged

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