Thassos White Marble Tile

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Thassos White Marble Tile

Part of the Thassos White Marble Tile Collection, this beautiful colored white, large format tile comes in 12′ x 12″ & 12′ x 24″ sizes.  This floor tile can be used in both commercial and residential projects. The Thassos White Marble tile is great for residential designer floors, walls, commercial accent walls.


Series Name: Thassos White Marble Tile

Style: Marble Tile

Product Color: White

Tile Type: Polished

Available SIzes:

12″ x 12″ USATTHASSOS1212-C Polished Marble
12″ x 12″ USATTHASSOS1212P Polished Marble
12″ x 12″ USATTHASSOS1212SEL Polished Marble
12″ x 24″ USATTHASSOS1224-C Polished Marble
18″ x 18 USATTHASSOS1818C Polished Marble
18″ x 18″ USATTHASSOS1818SEL Polished Marble

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thasso glass white marble tile



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